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Friday Feature: Lexi Mittelstadt

To kick off the Fall, we are continuing our Friday Feature’s. These Friday Features showcase some of the Class of 2020 committed players. Our goal with these is to give a glimpse into committed senior’s basketball journeys and their thinking throughout the college recruiting process to share with other aspiring college basketball players.
In this week’s Friday Feature, we interviewed Lexi Mittelstadt. She gives her perspective into her overall recruiting process with thoughtful responses and insight. We also got a chance to hear from her Maine Blue Wave coach, Shawn Legassey and her Mt. Blue High School coach, Fred Conlogue.
Enjoy this week’s Friday Feature with University of Maine commit, Lexi Mittelstadt!
Lexi Mittelstadt, Class of  2020, 5'7, Pos: OG, Mt. Blue/Maine Blue Wave, COMMITTED TO: University of Maine
When did you first start playing basketball?
I have always played basketball, but began to play competitively and within AAU at the age of 9.
What was your overall recruiting process like and what were some of the schools that showed interest in you?
Through my recruiting process, I connected with many various schools from all different levels, but it always came back to Maine and how comfortable I felt there from the beginning. Maine was the very first school I toured at, and since then I knew in the back of my mind that that was where I wanted to be. I was heavily considering Bowdoin as well as other schools and going prep for a fifth year.
Did your family, friends, etc. play a role in your decision and how so?
My family has always encouraged me to want to play at the highest level possible, and following in my brothers footsteps has really pushed me to do so. I’ve also had tremendous coaches and trainers in the past few years who have really elevated my game and increased my confidence.
Tell us a little bit about your high school and AAU experience and how both played a role in your decision.
I come from a small high school in central Maine, so the exposure isn’t all there. Because of that, I have had to work extremely hard during AAU and the off seasons to showcase myself. I’ve had tremendous support from not only my AAU coaches, but also my high school coaches in doing so. I made the switch this past year to play for Bluewave under Shawn Legassey, and because of that, I gained the exposure I had been hoping for.
In the end why did you choose Maine?
I’ve always wanted to play at the highest level possible, and what better place to play than your home state? Also, UMaine is a really special place with a really special team. It is awesome to see the majority of the coaching staff be from Maine as well. And in the end, I really connected more with the coaching staff and the players than any other school I was looking at.
What are you most looking forward to at Maine?
I am most looking forward to representing my home state and bringing my game to the best possible level.
What is your favorite memory playing basketball growing up?
On a broad scale, my favorite memories and experiences all come from the friendships and families I’ve gained over the years as well as the extensive traveling and busy, fun weekends.
Any advice for players who are looking to play at the next level?
You never truly know who is watching you on and off the court, so be sure to always work your hardest in everything that you do. Also, never be scared to reach out to coaches you are interested in playing for. Send them your schedules, communicate, and build as many connections as possible.
How will your high school team be this upcoming season? What are your goals entering your final season?
We have struggled in the past few years, but each year we continue to improve. My goal for my senior year is to not only make playoffs, but go deep into the tournament as well.
What are you most excited for in your senior year?
To prepare for my freshman year at Maine and to enjoy a stress free last year of high school!
Now hear from Maine Blue Wave Head Coach, Shawn Legassey, on what he had to say about Lexi!
Where did you first see Lexi play?
I first saw Lexi play in 6th grade during the Spring AAU season.  I could tell right away that she was going to be a special player.
What have you enjoyed most about coaching Lexi?
Lexi is has a high basketball IQ and is extremely coachable.  She was a great teammate and her enthusiasm for the game is contagious.
Tell me a little bit about Lexi as a person off the court?
Lexi has a very outgoing personality and seems to be always laughing.  Her work ethic, I believe, is what has separated her from other student athletes.   
What are you most excited about seeing Lexi do at the next level?
I’m excited to see her continue to develop as a player and keep striving to accomplish all her goals on and off the court.
Any other thoughts?
I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to coach Lexi and be a part of her recruitment process.  Coach Vachon and the UMaine program is not only getting a great player, but better person. 


Now hear from Mt. Blue Head Coach, Fred Conlogue, on what he had to say about Lexi!

Where did you first see Lexi play?
I first saw Lexi Mittletstat play basketball when she tried out for the 7th grade basketball team in Middle School. I was coaching the 8th grade team and was impressed with her ball handling and how comfortable she was to take on other players. Her 8th grade year I was lucky to have her to be my point guard. She was a leader on and off the court that year. She could keep us in games that our team talent didn't come close to matching up to. 
What have you enjoyed about coaching Lexi?
For me as a coach, to coach a once in a lifetime player like Lexi has been a gift. She has started for me every game, and has been the leader of our program every season she has played. What I admire most about her is her drive to improve as a player. She trains like a professional and has taken the steps to make herself an amazing player. Every off season she has added a new part to her game, such as shooting the 3, foul shots, taking the ball to the hoop, developing her footspeed, and she is highly driven to be the best. My favorite time is just talking to her about her goals and future plans.
Tell me a little bit about Lexi off the court?
Lexi does much more then just play soccer, basketball, and Lacrosse. She is highly involved in our community, her school, and she gives much of herself to others.Just this summer she ran a basketball clinic for a group Chinese students who were visiting Maine and she just went to Ghana and spent 2 weeks helping villages. She is now collecting used and new soccer equipment to send back to those villages IN AFRICA. She is just amazing, all why she trains to become a better player.
What are you most excited to see Lexi do at the next level?
I’m so excited that Lexi will be playing basketball for division 1 UMO in 2020. She has worked so hard to get herself to this level. To be surrounded by players of that level, it will allow her to reach her full potential as a player. She loves the game and plays with enormous passion. What I truly am looking forward to is simply sitting in the stands watching and enjoying watching her play.
Any other thoughts?
Having the opportunity to coach her over the last 5 years has truly been a great reward for our program as she has made herself and her teammates better. She has helped take our program to the next level and has exhibited habits, skills, that our younger players have strived to accomplish. We are looking forward to her senior season as she leads us to the playoffs, and ends her high school career as one of the best players to come out of our school Mt Blue.