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Friday Feature: Lauren Sampson

To kick off the Fall, we are continuing our Friday Feature’s. These Friday Features showcase some of the Class of 2019 committed players. Our goal with these is to give a glimpse into committed senior’s basketball journeys and their thinking throughout the college recruiting process to share with other aspiring college basketball players.
In our 8th installment in the Friday Feature series, we interviewed Lauren Sampson. Lauren gives her insight into her overall recruiting process as well as thoughtful advice for aspiring college basketball players. Additionally, we got a chance to hear from Bay State Jaguars President, Laurie Bollin.
Enjoy this week’s Friday Feature with Providence commit, Lauren Sampson!
Lauren Sampson, Class of 2019, 6’0, Pos: G/F, Waltham/Bay State Jaguars – COMMITTED TO: PROVIDENCE
When did you first start playing basketball?
I first began playing basketball when I was in 1st grade.  I began playing AAU in 7th grade. Currently, I play for the Bay State Jaguars.
What was your overall recruiting process like and what were some of the schools that showed interest in you?
My recruiting process was an unforgettable experience. I am very grateful to have had offers from schools such as Providence, Stonehill, Bentley, UNH, BU, Hartford and more. I loved touring different schools and discovering what qualities I wanted in a college. Overall, the process has taught me so much about myself and college basketball.
Did your family, friends, etc. play a role in your decision and how so?
My family played a significant role in choosing Providence College. With their endless support, I was able to confidently choose a school that will allow me to be successful over the next 4 years. In addition, it’s great that Providence College is close to home, so my family can come to my games!
Tell us a little bit about your high school and AAU experience and how both played a role in your decision.
I currently play at Waltham High School and it will be my 4th year on varsity and my 3rd year as captain. When I was named a captain my sophomore year, I knew I had to step up and develop good leadership skills. My high school basketball experience has taught me to always have a good attitude, work hard and make the best of every situation. AAU basketball was an eye-opening experience. I started participating in national exposure tournaments (such as USJN and Run 4 Roses) in the summer prior to 11th grade. It was an honor to make the top team for my age group and I love all of the coaches in the program. When we traveled in July, it was incredible to be able to play against some of the most talented teams and players in the country. Both AAU and high school basketball have developed me into the person and player I am today.
In the end, why did you choose Providence?
I chose Providence because I will be able to get a high-quality education close to home and play basketball in a great program. When I first went to campus, I loved the atmosphere and the energy. In terms of basketball, I loved the coaching staff and the team! They were truly amazing and I immediately felt welcome and part of the team. Go Friars:)
What are you most looking forward to at Providence?
At Providence, I look forward to working with my future teammates and coaches. I’m also excited to be able to compete in a prestigious conference- the Big East. Overall, I’m excited to attend college in every aspect but I will definitely enjoy my high school senior year first!
What is your favorite memory playing basketball growing up?
My favorite basketball memories are all of the team dinners and hang outs I had with my teammates. It was awesome spending a lot of quality time with everyone. Through AAU, I’ve made lifelong friends.
Any advice for players who are looking to play at the next level? (About the recruiting process, on and off the court, etc.)
For players wanting to play at the next level, be humble, set goals, HAVE FUN and try not to stress out! Although it may seem overwhelming at times, make sure you’re having fun with the whole process- you only get to do it once!
How will your high school team be this upcoming season? What are your goals entering your final season?
I’m very excited for my upcoming high school season. This year we will have a new Coach who will bring a new dynamic! For the team, I hope that we qualify for the state tournament. Individually, I hope to be the best player and leader possible.
What are you most excited for in your senior year?
I’m very excited for the rest of my senior year. It’s a relief that I know which college I want to attend. Also, I am excited for all of the fun senior events my school hosts!
Now hear from Bay State Jaguars President, Laurie Bollin, on her thoughts on Lauren!
Where did you first see Lauren play? 
Lauren came to our tryouts the Summer after her freshman year. Her love for the game and amazing attitude was evident that very first day! She was a top pick from all of our evaluators! 
What have you enjoyed most about coaching Lauren
Everything! Lauren is so eager to learn and get better everyday. She's always asking questions on how she can improve and bring her game to the next level. She works so hard and never misses a day of practice/training!
Tell me a little bit about Lauren as a person off the court. 
Lauren is the definition of kind - hearted! She makes everyone around her better with her infectious smile and positive attitude. She's a loyal friend and just a fun person to be around.
What are you most excited about seeing Lauren do at the next level? 
I can't wait to catch many of Lauren's games at Providence College! Lauren is an amazing shooter and PC's offensive style of play will allow her to let it fly like she loves to do!