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AAU Profiles: BDS

Below, please find the AAU Profile for the BDS High School Teams. Notes provided by Head Coaches, Greg Cotreau and Emily Cuthbertson.
Hannah Autenrieth • Class of 2019 • 5’10 • Pos: F • Manchester Central • Committed to Salve Regina – Hannah is a gritty player. She rebounds very well, can defend multiple positions. She can score in the post with her size and her ball handling has developed and she can beat defenders off the dribble. She is an excellent mid-range shooter.
Jennessa Brunette • Class of 2020 • 5’9 • Pos: G/F • Manchester Memorial – Jennessa is a very athletic and heady player who loves to get to the basket and can finish strong with both hands against bigger players through contact. She’s an excellent free throw shooter and has developed a nice mid-range game to compliment her driving ability. She is working on extending her shooting range to the three-point line. She can guard multiple positions and plays passing lanes very well. She contains the ball on defense and rarely gets beat. She is an excellent rebounder with great hands and is tough as nails.  
Olivia Cote • Class of 2021 • 5’10 • Pos: F • Merrimack – Olivia is a very strong rebounder who isn’t afraid of contact. She can shoot the mid-range jump shot and can put the ball on the floor and take her defender to the basket. She doesn’t force it on offense and does a great job at taking what the defense gives her. She is a great passer who sees the floor well and makes great decisions on the court. She is a strong post defender.  
Bianca Gershgorin • Class of 2020 • 5’4 • Pos: G • Nashua North – Bianca handles the ball with confidence and has a consistent three-point shot. She thrives in pressure situations and has a strong assist to turnover ratio. Defensively, she plays passing lanes well and can guard and press ball handlers full court and not get beat. She is not afraid to get physical with bigger players. She has fantastic leadership qualities.  
Tamrah Gould • Class of 2020 • 5’4 • Pos: G • Manchester Memorial – Tamrah is a quick guard, handles the ball well, and doesn’t get rattled when she has ball pressure. She doesn’t turn the ball over. She has a very strong mid-range game and will shoot the three consistently. Her strength is attacking the basket and can finish with both hands, with contact, and against bigger defenders. Defensively, she is at her best when she is applying constant ball pressure and disrupts the opposition from getting into their set offense.
Lyric Grumblatt • Class of 2020 • 5’9 • Pos: G • Manchester Memorial – Lyric is an elite three-point shooter that has endless range. She has worked hard on using her ability to shoot to take her defender off the dribble. She can finish through contact with either hand. She has a strong pull up game, especially in transition. Lyric has also developed a strong post game that makes her a match up nightmare for teams. She’s a great on ball defender and uses her length to get deflections and steals. Off the ball, she’s great at reading passing lanes and jumping passes. She communicates well on both sides of the ball.  
Colby Guinta • Class of 2021 • 5’10 • Pos: F • Trinity – Colby is a rugged defender who handles the ball well for her size. She is strong at attacking the basket with either hand. She does a great job at attacking to collapse the defense and kicking the ball out to open shooters. She knows where her sweet-spots are on the floor and uses that to her advantage when setting up her defender. She has a strong mid-range game that is only going to get better. She is a strong rebounder and can make great full-court outlet passes in transition.
Destiny Jordan • Class of 2020 • 5’9 • Pos: G/F • Manchester Central – Destiny plays with a high motor that is impossible to match. She is a relentless rebounder. She can take her defender to the basket strong and finish with contact. She is an excellent free throw shooter. Her ability to drive to the basket sets her up well for her mid-range shooting game. She will also shoot the three ball when left open. Defensively, she can guard all positions and will step in and take charges.
Hannah McGrath • Class of 2020 • 5’8 • Pos: G • Phillips Academy-Andover – Hannah has a great basketball IQ and will anticipate things on the floor multiple steps before they happen. She is a rugged defender who can guard multiple positions and is always willing to give up her body to take a charge. She is great in the open court and is a willing passer. She makes her teammates better players. She has a strong mid-range game and is a consistent three-point shooter. She can finish at the rim through contact and is an excellent free-throw shooter.  
Megan Molettieri • Class of 2021 • 5’7 • Pos: G • Pelham – Megan is a steady player who doesn’t make many mistakes on the floor. She plays to her strengths and plays within herself. She is a physical defender who rebounds well from the guard position. She is a steady ball handler. She can score in the post and can shoot the ball from mid-range and three-point range. She can be more aggressive looking for her own opportunities to score. She makes the right play each time.
Kaylee Smith • Class of 2020 • 5’8 • Pos: G • Bishop Brady – Kaylee knows how to score the ball. She is an elite three-point shooter with a mid-range game to match. She has a quick release and makes the defense pay for not getting a hand up on her. She will post up smaller defenders. She is continuing to develop her ability to put the ball on the floor and attack the basket. As good of a shooter as she is, she can get to the free throw line more than she does. Defensively, she is a great on ball defender who will make the opposition work for everything they get. She is an elite rebounder at her position.
Sabra Biddle • Class of 2022 • 5’8 • Pos: G • Souhegan – Sabra is shy but has the basketball IQ to make the right plays. She has a great shot but often passes it up because she is too nervous to take it. Gaining confidence will heighten Sabra’s already existing skills.  
Siera Biddle • Class of 2022 • 5’10 • Pos: F • Souhegan – Siera is a great offensive rebounder and does not bring the ball down when she gets a rebound. She prefers to face the basket but working on her back to the basket moves will improve her game significantly.  
Maddy Bowen • Class of 2022 • 5’8 • Pos: G • Bishop Guertin – Maddy is extremely hardworking and a great leader on the court. She is a great resource for her teammates and never stops working on the court. She has aggressive on the ball defense as well as understands the importance of help defense. Offensively she can shoot as well as create space and attack the basket while finishing with contact.  
Sophie Desrochers • Class of 2023 • 5’8 • Pos: G • Central Catholic – Sophie thrives on positive encouragement and feedback. She has a positive work ethic and always wants to improve her game but sometimes lacks confidence. She has the right ideas offensively and defensively but needs to work on executing them with the correct timing.
Eile Doyle • Class of 2022 • 5’6 • Pos: G • Bishop Guertin – Eile is a hardworking offensive and defensive player. She makes smart passes and creates for her teammates. Enhancing her ball handling and shooting skills will add another option for her offensively.  
Abby Rose • Class of 2022 • 5’4 • Pos: G • Souhegan – Abby is a very hardworking player who is very coachable. She has a great pull up jumper and hustles on every play. Enhancing her ball handling skills will only take her game to the next level.  
Grace Marcelino • Class of 2022 • 5’10 • Pos: F • Windham – Grace is a strong forward who makes great moves in the post. She needs to work on finishing her moves but has the knowledge of what move to make depending on the defenses placement.  
Maggie Crooks • Class of 2022 • 5’5 • Pos: G • Hollis-Brookline – Maggie is very active offensively and defensively. She prefers to drive, but can go left or right. She is a great rebounder and has aggressive on the ball defense. She has been working on knowing where she is on the court and reading the situation on whether it would be beneficial for her to drive or shoot.  
Emma Corea • Class of 2022 • 5’7 • Pos: G/F • Bishop Guertin – Emma is a quiet but hardworking athlete. She often passes up scoring opportunities but enjoys creating and making more opportunities for her teammates. Boosting Emma’s confidence in her shooting and ball handling abilities will add to her passing and creating game.