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NEGR Winter Hoops Festival @ Starland Recap - Part 2

The 2nd Annual NEGR Winter Hoops Festival @ Starland in Hanover, MA was once again a success. The 4-day event occurred December 27-30, with championship games in each division being played on Sunday, December 30th with teams in grades 4-7th being represented on the girl’s side.
Championship games from each division are listed below:
4th Grade – North Quincy (Catrambone) defeated Bridgewater 20-6
5th Grade – Hanover (Jones) won the division finishing 2-0
6th Grade – Plymouth defeated North Quincy (Mergel) 27-10
7th Grade – Bridgewater won the division 2-0
Our coverage of the event will feature a recap broken down into two parts. The first part of the recap will note players from the 4th & 5th grade divisions that played particularly well throughout the 4-day event. The second part of our recap will feature players from the 6th & 7th grade divisions that stood out.
Below, please find the recap for the NEGR Winter Hoops Festival @ Starland – Part 2. (Note: Player information was provided and authorized by each team’s coach. Not all teams responded with player information and those players will just be referenced by uniform #.)
Olivia Roy • Class of 2025 • 5’2 • Pos: G – Olivia is a strong defender both on and off the ball. She communicates extremely well with her teammates on both ends of the floor and is aggressive. On offense, she has a nice jump shot and is good in the pick and roll.  
Maddie Jackson • Class of 2025 • 5’1 • Pos: PG – Maddie looks to get her teammates involved and is a solid passer. She initiates the offense for this team and is the floor general. Maddie is a good half court defender.
North Quincy
#12 – #12 knows how to take it to the basket strong so that she can make it to the line. She is the one you want shooting foul shots for your team. Great form and a great percentage of making the shot.
#24 – #24 is a defender who is always around the ball and in the current play. If the opponent makes a slight mistake blank will be there to get the steal and transition the play to offense.
#10 – #10 appeared to be the ringleader of the team. She was very vocal and always calling out the plays when running the offense. She set up her teammates on almost every play with some great passes.
Chloe Egan • Class of 2025 • 5’3 • Pos: G – Chloe always knows where to be in position and at the right time. She is never standing still and always makes smart cuts to get herself open on the play. On the opposite side she is very good at full court defense and keeping the pressure up.
Zoe W. • Class of 2025 • 5’4 • Pos: G – Zoe is not afraid of anything on the court. Her drives to the basket are super strong and when in transition she takes it to the hoop very confidently making almost every layup she had the opportunity to take.
Addison Pyy • Class of 2025 • 5’0 • Pos: G – Addison is a very influential defender. Not only is she great at sliding and beating people to the spot she knows when to switch and how to do so effectively.
Ainsley Anderson • Class of 2025 • 5’7 • Pos: C – Ainsley is a very strong and built defender, but what really stood out was how well she runs her position. Specifically running the center spot on press break.
Kellianne Caldwell • Class of 2025 • 5’0 • Pos: PG – Kellianne is a very aggressive player with a great shot from almost any area on the court.
Jizzelle Stephney • Class of 2025 • 5’0 • Pos: G – Jizzelle plays the game with such swift movements on poise throughout. She is always the first up and down the court and when it comes to rebounding she gets the highest off the floor out of anyone to grab that ball.
Lillie MacKinnon • Class of 2025 • 5’1 • Pos: PG – Lillie is able to get her hand on almost every ball within the play without fouling. When she does in fact get it she can use both hands to dribble very confidently.
Brooklyn Uzzell • Class of 2025 • 4’11 • Pos: G – Brooklyn has great anticipation for passes made by the other team. She capitalizes on these opportunities and makes great play passes in transition with her head up at all times.
Erin O’Donnell • Class of 2024 • 5’0 • Pos: G – Erin is always the first person both up and down the court in every play. One thing that she does great is follows every single one of her shots. She is usually the one to get her own rebound and puts it right back up for some easy points.
Cassidy Flanders • Class of 2024 • 5’3 • Pos: G/F – Cassidy is a very good defender. What she does well is something a lot of people can’t do which is simply ripping the ball out of her opponents hands for a steal, without fouling.
#0 – #0 plays the position of the forward but she can carry the ball, rebound and push, and take it all the way to the hoop. She is a well-rounded player.
#10 – #10 is a strong point guard who’s two specialties are forcing her way into defenders without getting the ball stolen from her, and an impeccable bounce pass to her teammates.
Lily Cookson • Class of 2024 • 5’4 • Pos: F – Lily has a great habit of keeping her head up and using her strength to make accurate long passes down the court to her teammates to score in transition.
Neveah Stephney • Class of 2024 • 5’6 • Pos: F – On defense, Neveah always has her hands up ready to go and is never lazy while defending her player. On offense she always seems to position herself correctly with rebounds to get the ball on almost every shot.