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NEGR Winter Hoops Festival @ Starland Recap - Part 1

The 2nd Annual NEGR Winter Hoops Festival @ Starland in Hanover, MA was once again a success. The 4-day event occurred December 27-30, with championship games in each division being played on Sunday, December 30th with teams in grades 4-7th being represented on the girl’s side.
Championship games from each division are listed below:
4th Grade – North Quincy (Catrambone) defeated Bridgewater 20-6
5th Grade – Hanover (Jones) won the division finishing 2-0
6th Grade – Plymouth defeated North Quincy (Mergel) 27-10
7th Grade – Bridgewater won the division 2-0
Our coverage of the event will feature a recap broken down into two parts. The first part of the recap will note players from the 4th & 5th grade divisions that played particularly well throughout the 4-day event. The second part of our recap will feature players from the 6th & 7th grade divisions that stood out.
Below, please find the recap for the NEGR Winter Hoops Festival @ Starland – Part 1. (Note: Player information was provided and authorized by each team’s coach. As these players are in 4th & 5th grade, their player information will only consist of First Name, Last Initial, Height, and Position. Not all teams responded with player information and those players will just be referenced by uniform #.)
Catie B. • Class of 2027 • 5’1 • Pos: C – Catie is a very built strong defender on the court. She boxes out her opponent hard on every shot and when she’s able to grab it she protects it in a strong manner so no one can take it away from her until she is ready to hand it off to another teammate.
Tessa C. • Class of 2027 • 5’11 • Pos: PG/G – Tessa is the player that all her teammates look for in any situation. She has a powerful spin move that allows her to get into the paint, in which she always keeps her head up to either take it to the hoop when she’s open or know how to get fouled in that situation as well.
Claire R. • Class of 2027 • 4’11 • Pos: PG/G – Claire is one of the hardest workers on the court. She’s a tough, spunky player both on offense and defense. What really stood out to me was her ability to set great screens to set up her teammates as well as her ability to force bad decisions for the other team on multiple occasions.
Ashley V. • Class of 2027 • 5’0 • Pos: G/F – Ashley is an effective player on both offense and defense. On offense she is a great ball handler who always dribbles in a way to keep the defender away from the ball. She is able to penetrate and kick and also has a quick nice shot off the backboard. On defense she is always the first back and always is smart to beat the opponent to the spot.
#31 – #31 has a great full vision of what’s happening on the court. Not only does she have a great crossover to get into the paint, she is a great finisher at the hoop. She also can pull up in transition along with hit threes.
#25 – #25 does a good job of keeping the ball high on her catch or when she gets a rebound. She also can dribble and take a layup with both hands, which at this level is great! Although she had a little bit of a tough time finishing with both hands this is a great skill to build on and will only get better with age.
#15 – #15 is a very quick, feisty defender on the court. She’s not afraid to put on pressure or dribble/take care of the ball around pressure on offense. Above all she is a great teammate and supports her team by high fiving and encouraging words throughout the game.
#23 – #23 works her butt off in the paint. She has some great post moves for her age and is easily able to get around defenders and finish at the hole.
North Quincy – Barry
#33 – #33 is everywhere you look on the court during a game. She is the best well-rounded player and can do almost all aspects of the game well.
#14 – #14 puts in so much effort to rebound the ball after a shot is taken. Although she may not get it every time she is always in the right position and the effort is great. On offense, she has a nice short jump shot.
#21 – #21 is very good at forcing turnovers in transition. For such a young age she is very good at tapping the ball from behind into one of her other teammates hands to go back onto offense.
North Quincy – Catrambone
#3 – #3 has amazing coverage on defense. She knows how to keep her hand in the lane and when to stay in help for her teammates.
#1 – #1 had some great moves, which allowed her to get to the hoop on a number of occasi9ons. Her cross over was great and she had a great step through motion when going in for a layup.
#25 – #25 certainly uses her height to her advantage. She is able to get to every rebound and put it back up to finish.
Madelyn W. • 4’9 • Pos: G – Madelyn is able to get every rebound by the ripping the ball strong and holding onto it rather than slapping the ball away which most younger players tend to do. On offense she is a very quick ball handler which allows her to blow by her opponents to make plays.
Keira M. • 4’9 • Pos: PG – Keira is the leader of this team. Not only can she dribble well, take quick pull up shots, and finish at the hoop, but she is chasing after every loose ball and diving on the floor for everything which shows great effort.
#11 – #11 can do a lot of things efficiently for being in such a young grade. These include using both hands, knowing when to pull the ball out and restart the play, and knowing when to drive and kick rather than force up a bad shot.
#18 – #18 is the fastest player on the court. Once she gets a steal you know she is going in full transition herself to the basket for a quick two easy points.
Sofia B. • 4’8 • Pos: G/F – Sofia is very well at handling pressure for such a young age. Not only can she handle it but she is still able to make a very accurate pass through the pressure to one of her teammates.