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NEPSAC Top Player Performances - February 16, 2019

Please find the Top Player Performances for NEPSAC Girls’ Basketball from Saturday, February 16.
Audrey Allen, Cheshire Academy – 19 points, 9 rebounds vs. Williston Northampton
Aliyah Boston, Worcester Academy – 24 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals vs. New Hampton
Mariah Dunn, Ethel Walker – 15 points vs. Westover
Grace Heeps, Northfield Mount Hermon – 18 points vs. Deerfield
Hannah Iwaszkiewicz, Ethel Walker – 20 points, 6 rebounds, 5 steals vs. Westover
Kimora Jenkins, Millbrook – 33 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists vs. Kent
Janelle Johnson, St. Luke’s – 14 points vs. Taft
Annabelle Larnard, Northfield Mount Hermon – 15 points vs. Deerfield
Caroline Lau, St. Luke’s – 21 points vs. Taft
Fatima Lee, Putnam Science Academy – 18 points vs. Proctor
Silke Milliman, Northfield Mount Hermon – 25 points vs. Deerfield
Cristina Negron, Williston Northampton – 18 points vs. Cheshire Academy
Maddie Patrick, Chase Collegiate – 38 points vs. Marvelwood
Hannah Records, Marvelwood – 29 points vs. Chase Collegiate
Kayla Robinson, Taft – 17 points vs. St. Luke’s
Leiya Stuart, St. George’s – 18 points vs. St. Mark’s
*Note: NEPSAC Top Player Performances will posted in reference to Wednesday & Saturday games until the end of the season with a NEGR NEPSAC Player of the Week being named each Tuesday.
Player Performances are gathered from players, coaches, & families who send to us via Twitter (tag or DM) or Email ( In order to be included in future releases, please share with us via Twitter or Email by noon on Thursdays or Sundays following Wednesday & Saturday games.