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FREE College Coach Advanced Limited Membership NOW THRU 12/31/2020

Hello College Coaches - 
With all the uncertainty surrounding the summer AAU season and the difficulty with seeing top prospects in a live setting, we wanted to take a moment to reach out to you about our services and ways Northeast Girls Recruiting can partner with you in your player recruitment efforts.  
NEGR began in 2015 with our mission statement to bring girls basketball to the forefront in the Northeast. Our services help aspiring collegiate women’s basketball players connect with college coaches in a variety of ways, comprehensive player evaluation through in-person events and film, team profiles, player spotlights, and more.  
We understand that the COVID-19 Pandemic is presenting unprecedented challenges and pressure for college coaches and high school athletes in their recruiting efforts. We want to help you in these efforts and remind you of all the capabilities our website and services can offer.
We know connecting with players has been a challenge this year so far, but also know it’s a necessity as recruiting never stops. That is why we are offering you a FREE NEGR Advanced Coaches Membership through DECEMBER 31, 2020. 
NEGR is also OFFERING FREE ADVANCED MEMBERSHIPS TO PLAYERS TOO! We are committed to serving the girls basketball community and bringing coaches and players together. So, we are offering FREE services to both coaches and players for a limited time.  
With an Advanced Coaches Membership, you will have access to all 3 player tabs on individual player profile pages - which includes Player Info, AAU Info, and HS Info. We have highlighted below what this entails.
• Player Info includes:
•First & Last Name, Year of Graduation, Height, Position, High School, State of Residence, & Email Address. 
•Ability to message players directly through the website
•Players have the ability to message you directly through the website along with a link to view their profile. 
•Embedded Highlight Videos or Game Film
• AAU Info includes:
•Our evaluations from AAU tournaments, individual showcases, team profiles, and more
•AAU Team, AAU Coach Phone, AAU Coach Email
•PDF of AAU Schedule (if they have a tentative one)
• HS Info includes:
•Our evaluations from high school events, top player performances, and more
•GPA, Intended Major, SAT/ACT Scores, Official/Unofficial Transcript, Academic Honors, & Extracurricular Activities
•HS Coach, HS Coach Phone, HS Coach Email
•PDF of HS Schedule
In addition, college coaches will also be able to:
• Sort by ALL fields on Player Profile pages as well as sort alphabetically
• Message players directly through the website (with the ability to use the sorting fields to generate reports and send messages)
• Create a ‘Recruiting List’ where you can add players from the website to your list
HERE’S ONE MORE THING NEGR is doing to serve you - We also know you are being inundated with player emails and film during this time. We are currently watching hours of film and providing free comprehensive evaluations for every player who requests our services. HERE’S a look at one player profile we recently completed...
Let NEGR be your partner in your recruiting efforts. Advanced College Coach memberships typically are $299 for DI, $159 for DII, & $125 for DII. We understand that many schools have budget freezes for the foreseeable future and we want to HELP YOU with your recruiting efforts during this difficult time by offering you an advanced membership for FREE through DECEMBER 31, 2020
Your Partners in Recruiting, 
NEGR Staff
Our Mission since NEGR began in 2015, is to help aspiring collegiate women’s basketball players connect with college coaches in a variety of ways, including comprehensive player evaluations through in-person events and film, team profiles, player spotlights, and more.