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Friday Feature: Brooke Kane

To kick off the Fall, we are continuing our Friday Feature’s. These Friday Features showcase some of the Class of 2019 committed players. Our goal with these is to give a glimpse into committed senior’s basketball journeys and their thinking throughout the college recruiting process to share with other aspiring college basketball players.
In our 9th installment in the Friday Feature series, we interviewed Brooke Kane. Brooke talked about her overall recruiting process and how both her AAU and High School playing experience played an integral role in her decision. Additionally, we got a chance to hear from her SNH Saints Head Coach, Dave Constant, along with her Pinkerton Academy Head Coach, Lani Buskey.
Enjoy this week’s Friday Feature with University of New Hampshire commit, Brooke Kane!
Brooke Kane, Class of 2019, 6’0, Pos: G/F, Pinkerton Academy/SNH Saints – COMMITTED TO: UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE
When did you first start playing basketball?
I first started playing basketball in first grade in rec league. I have played ever since.
What was your overall recruiting process like and what were some of the schools that showed interest in you?
My overall recruiting process was exciting and fun for me. I enjoyed looking at every school and everything they had to offer. Schools that showed interest were Southern New Hampshire University, Saint Anselm, Merrimack College, Providence College, Bryant University, University of Vermont, College of the Holy Cross, Northeastern, and University of New Hampshire.
Did your family, friends, etc. play a role in your decision and how so?
My family, friends, and coaches were very supportive in letting me choose whatever school was best for me. My friends and family are the reason I chose a school not too far from home.
Tell us a little bit about your high school and AAU experience and how both played a role in your decision.
My high school and AAU experiences played a role in my decision because the more I played and more competitive the games got in high school, the more I realized that I wanted to play Division 1 basketball.
In the end, why did you choose UNH?
I chose UNH because I wanted to represent my home state.
What are you most looking forward to at UNH?
I am most looking forward to getting to know my new teammates and be able to play basketball at a higher level.
What is your favorite memory playing basketball growing up?
My favorite memory growing up playing basketball is the friendships that I have made with my teammates.
Any advice for players who are looking to play at the next level? (About the recruiting process, on and off the court, etc.)
My advice for players who want to play at the next level play as much as possible and enjoy it. Look at all your options and take a lot of visits!
How will your high school team be this upcoming season? What are your goals entering your final season?
My high school team is going to be a talented group this season. Our goal as a team is to win the state title.
What are you most excited for in your senior year?
I am most excited my senior year to have our whole team back besides the two seniors last year who graduated. Our team has a lot of chemistry and has the same goals.
Now hear from SNH Saints Head Coach, Dave Constant, on his thoughts on Brooke!
Where did you first see Brooke play?
I first saw Brooke play 5 years ago when she attended my tryout the fall of her 8th grade year. I instantly was like, “Wow this girl has the potential to be a D1 scholarship player, we need to take her.”
What have you enjoyed most about coaching Brooke?
What I enjoyed most about coaching Brooke is her loyalty to me and the program and her competitiveness. As she got more of a reputation and developed as one of the top 2019 players, many other programs tried to recruit her away and she never wavered. She stayed true to me and her teammates. Today you see many girls switch to team after team – she was a Saint the last 5 years. Also, her competitiveness. She never would allow us to lose or if we did, I knew the next game we would get a monster performance. Brooke is a major reason we have a girl’s program today.
Tell me a little bit about Brooke as a person off the court.
Brooke is a pretty simple person as she is big on her academics and basketball. She also is a very good volleyball player as she has played each year in high school. She also gives back, as she has helped me coach my Saints Academy program which is ages 6 to 10 years old. Brooke is a great kid with a great personality. Sky is the limit for her. 
What are you most excited about seeing Brooke do at the next level?
I'm most excited about Brooke getting into a D1 strength and conditioning program. I think she can not only be a starter, but an all-conference player. I can't imagine how good she can be with a D1 lifting program and being able to use the facilities whenever she wants. I hope she can help lead UNH to the NCAA Tournament. 
Any other thoughts?
I just want to say how proud I am to have coached Brooke. She was in my opinion under recruited and is a mid to high major player. While at the Adidas Gauntlet in Atlantic City she helped us go 6-0 and win it while averaging over 20 points a game and over 10 rebounds. She has defeated every other major program in the area. She has all the accolades and accomplishments already going into her senior year. UNH in my opinion got a steal and I look for Brooke to do huge things. Again, thank you Brooke for your time as a Saint and can't wait to watch you in a UNH uniform. 
Now hear from Pinkerton Academy Head Coach, Lani Buskey, and her thoughts on Brooke.
Where did you first see Brooke play?
I first saw Brooke during the summer league when she was an incoming freshman at Pinkerton, but I had heard about her when she was in junior high. My first impression of Brooke was that she wasn't just a raw talent. She came in with a very high basketball IQ. I was incredibly impressed with her overall skill set and was excited to get her on my court and in my program.
What have you enjoyed most about coaching Brooke?
It has been a joy to watch her develop as a player and as a teammate over the last 4 years. While the player and teammate Brooke was as a freshman remains, her growth and maturity is evident. She is a leader. She has confidence. She is team first. She's a defense's worst nightmare. She is a POY.   
The beauty of this is that most, if not all of Brooke's success has come from her own hard work, discipline, and work ethic. It is such an honor to see hard work get rewarded.   
I have simply enjoyed her evolution on the court as a player and a teammate and her own realization of just how good she really is.  
Tell me a little bit about Brooke as a person off the court.
Brooke is a great student and athlete, but an even better person. She's determined, dedicated, and funny. She likes to laugh. She likes to talk. She likes to eat. She works hard and she understands responsibility, but she also understands how to enjoy the little moments. She's the perfect combination of confidence and humbleness in both basketball and life.   While I know her future is to play basketball at UNH, I also know that whatever comes after that, where ever Brooke ends up when her basketball career is over, she will be successful and she will be very well liked.
What are you most excited about seeing Brooke do at the next level?
I am excited to see Brooke compete at the next level. I've always been proud of Brooke and I've always tried to help her see and understand her own talent. Receiving a D1 scholarship is validation of that. I can't wait for her to get to that level, compete, and be successful. I know the challenge awaits her and I'm confident that she is ready.
Any other thoughts?
Coaching Brooke has been one of the biggest joys of my coaching career. Having a small part in her development and growth has been rewarding for me and it has also made me a better coach.  While I care about my girls as basketball players, I care more about the people they become. Brooke has made that very easy for me. I love her very much.