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2015 Fall Hoop Mountain Showcase - Class of 2016 Recap

Sunday morning, Tansey gymnasium on the campus of Wentworth Institute of Technology was packed with College coaches. With 100+ schools represented, the 2015 Hoop Mountain Fall Showcase left no seat unfilled. 135 players from across the country gathered in Boston with the same goal; showcasing their skills. 


Here is the review for the Class of 2016:


Jillian Jover • 5’0” • POS: 1 • High Tech HS • NJ - Small but effective, Jover did a good job handling the ball. Her quickness off the bounce draws attention, and she wove through defenses to find open teammates - and put the pass right on the money.

Sara Hosman • 5’8” • POS: 1 • Peabody Veterans Memorial HS • MA - Good rebounding point guard with good height, crashed the boards both offensively and defensively. Athletic, she runs well and manipulates the defense while seeing the floor.

Tatiana Minnick • 5’5” • POS: 1 • Ithaca HS  • NY - This small guard brought big play, showcasing strength and quickness with the ball along with good change of pace and drives to the rim. She complemented her offense with good aggressive defense on the ball. 

Zakiya Beckles • 5’5” • POS: 1,2 • Middlesex HS • NJ - She’s strong and quick, combined with good ball handling and a solid shooting touch makes her a tough guard to handle. Her ability to find her teammates off the bounce makes her a valuable asset. 

Jill Latanowich • 5’9” • POS: 1,2 • Newton North • MA - This strong guard made a big splash. With good height and ball handling skills, Latanowich made a good impression off the bat. Always ready to shoot, good footwork and quick feet both offensively and defensively.  Picked up full court and made her girl work for the entire rotation. Her ability to attack the rim off the dribble makes her a good double threat. 

Rebekah Patterson • 5’7” • POS: 1,2 • Bishop Stang HS • MA - You could tell right away this guard has a good shooting touch. Great stroke and release, she has the range to step out beyond the 3 and knock it down.

Melanie Binkhorst • 5’6” • POS: 1,2 • Hall HS • CT - One of the best on the ball defenders in the group, Brinkhorst has quick hands and creates problems for offensive players. Great body control coupled with strong drives to the basket and 3 point range equals a very effective and complete player. 

Elise Mcgovern • 5’6” • POS: 2 • Bridgewater-Raynham • MA - You could tell just by watching McGovern that she knows how to score. A Confident shooter with 3 point range, she has a quick release and gets her feet prepared to shoot. On missed shots, the 5’6” guard came out of no where for an abundance of second chance opportunities.

Jocelin Wright • 5’8” • POS: 2 • Ithaca HS • NY - This guard drove a long way to get here, and it paid off. A good shooter, with the confidence and range to shoot from all over the court. Hustling everywhere, she created extra opportunities for herself and her teammates. Wright is fast, and gets up and down the court with ease. Her comfort around the rim - attacking, back to the basket, and ability to finish inside against bigger players made her an offensive stud. On the other side of the ball she applied good defensive pressure with quick hands and lots of hustle. 

Rebecca Laberge • 5’8” • POS: 2 • Cegep Champlain St-Lawrence • Canada - This versatile and athletic guard runs the floor extremely well. She got into the paint and had some good finishes, along with several impressive drives to the basket. Showing off some athletic ability, Laberge turned some heads when she finished a missed shot in the air. 

Sara Mcmenamin • 5’11” • POS: 2,3 • Milton HS • MA - This guard has great size, and good range from 3. She stretches out the defense just by being on the court. Always ready to shoot, she did some damage from downtown.

Haley Alves • 5’9” • POS: 2,3 • Portsmouth HS • RI - In a group of talented guards with height, Alves did a good job standing out. A good shooter with 3 point range, she understands how to put herself in a position to be open. Along with knocking down the 3 ball, she can also be a threat off the bounce. She brought good defensive energy and presence, and finished every play with a boxout. 

Taylor Corts • 5’10” • POS: 2,3 • Wayne Central HS • NY - This guard from NY brought athleticism and strength to the court. She sees things before they develop, creates for her teammates and reads defenses well. She can shoot the ball with range and form, and hits the boards hard.

Micaiah Battle • 5’9” • POS: 2,3 • Scotch Plains Fanwood HS • NJ - Long, athletic and mobile, this guard reads offense well, with good cuts to the basket and spacing. 

Erika Ekhator • 5’11” • POS: 3,4 • Middlesex School • MA – This athletic, physical post draws a lot of attention around the goal. She knows how to use her body in space to create good position, and finishes strong through contact in and around the paint.

Rachel Bonnanzio • 6’0” • POS: 4 • Pomperaug • CT – A long face up 4 who can put the ball on the deck or take the pull up. Good 15ft range, creates a lot of contact and gets to the line. Bonnanzio made it really hard for defenders by finishing right through contact.

Skye Burris • 6’1” • POS: 4,5 • St. Dominicks • NY - This versatile big runs the floor rim to rim like a seasoned veteran. She seals early, is very physical, and holds her position. Burris finished strong on several occasions, but tempers that scoring with the ability to pass in a high-low situation. Rebounded prolifically on offense and defense, and contested any shots she could get to.

Nicole Kradas • 5’9” • POS: 5 • Conrad HS • CT - This undersized big made up for her lack of height with hustle and effort. Great post defense, hand in the passing lane all day. She runs the floor hard rim to rim, and puts pressure on other bigs to keep up.


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